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When one door closes, another one opens... or many others!

I am a sex worker because I enjoy meeting, seducing and having intimacy with incredible people. I would bet both hands on all my clients, or most of them (it's not honest to say with 100% of them, the feeling is not the same with all the human being) can assure I feel happy doing this job.

Part of the ingredients of my own recipe of hapiness are:

1 - Loving people: I addore the possibility of communicating with them - verbally, psysically or sexually -.

2 - Enjoying sex withouts prejudices: of course every single person have limits and taboos, even me. But sex is pleasure between two or more people, all of whom must participate voluntarily in the encounter. 

3 - Having personal and professional projects and goals: this challenges make me happier!

4 - Feeling free to be where I want to be: all the apartments I rent to receive my clients are my sacred place, my secret garden. I am a free woman, and as a free and independient Escort I choose when and where to be located. So as we say in Spain when something new is arriving to your life: "When a door closes, another one opens!". Looking to the future with a smile tattooed on my soul... Thank you, Universe!


Banner advertising at the press of Liechtenstein

On the weekend of 25th, 26th and 27th of January I was lucky enough to be able to appear on an advertising banner of Fritig newspaper in Liechtenstein. 

Link to FRITIG newspaper (page 5)  (only in German)


Wonderful people I meet on my work

This month, April, has been special. During my stay in St Gallen (Switzerland) I had the opportunity to visit Maria Magdalena, the "Counseling Center for Women in the Sex Industry". Mrs. Marija look after me, a charming an very lovely woman. We had been talking trough email several times, and I did not hesitate to visit her as soon as I was in St Gallen.


I explained to her a problem I had with a client who did not behave well. I knew this client from another date months ago, a sensual gentleman, about 45 years old. We planned a second date and spent 7 hours together. We had a great time, talking, laughing, having dinner... He planned he would come to visit me again the next day. My surprise was at the end of the date when he paid my fees, he said "here you have 500 francs". I felt he realized my discomfort because of my poker face, but I thought he would solve it the next day during the new date.

The next morning I sent him a WhatsApp telling him how great had been our date, and telling him the amount he should bring that day. The worst surprise: the only thing I got from him is blocking me in the app, so I can not continue writing, and of course he never answered my calls. It was impossible for me to contact him.


While we were outside of her office, Marija was smoking a cigarette and hearing my story. She empathized with me, and I couldn't avoid to drop some tears when she volunteered said to call him and try to negotiate. I gave her a couple of hugs so strong that she almost turned into blue because of the lack of air. We went back to her office and she called him. My German is almost as bad as my Arabic, I only managed to understand a few words. When she was finishing the conversation, she did the "ok" with her thumb... it seemed that we were going to achieve it! When she hung up the phone, she told me that he had agreed to pay. Marija told him that she would go with me to the police station to file up a report against him if he did not face his debt. Marija for President!


This post is a thanks letter to Marija, a couple of days ago the money he owed me has finally arrived.

Thank you, Marija, for making me more courageous after this experience, for making me being able to say that there are wonderful people willing to help sex workers, for being present for what I needed. You are an amazing person, you are unique.


Maria Magdalena

Consultancy services for women in the sex industry

Friedaustrasse 1. 9001 St. Gallen

Phone number:  +41 58 229 21 67



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