My marvelous clients'


        I am fortunate to have shared my time and intimate moments with such wonderful people. This hobby is my passion, my pleasure and my pride. It means a lot to me. So when a client takes the time to write a review of our precious time together, I always have butterflies, in nervous anticipation before reading their words... happily always replaced by joy at reading my pleasure echoes theirs. It is always appreciated when someone cares enough to provide feedback. I adore sharing sensual pleasures and it's so important to me that my sexual satisfaction is shared by my lovers...

      (September 2022) Chris

      "I visited Emma in her discreet and beautiful flat in Zurich. The welcome was very warm with a wonderful radiant smile. Emma took a lot of effort to take away my nerves and create a pleasant atmosphere.

      After the greeting we chatted a bit. Emma is humorous and empathetic and at the same time an interesting and exciting person to talk to.

      Her eyes and smile are irresistible and Emma has a beautiful female body with sexy curves that she knows how to use to drive you crazy. For me, it's simply amazing. The service is passionate, real GFE without time pressure and with a lot of warmth. An unforgettable and unique experience and I will definitely visit her again.

      If you are looking for a passionate experience with an exciting woman, Emma is the right address.

      I really love to deal with shy gentlemen who later change their behaviour. When they feel safe beside me, desired and pampered, after couple of sessions is like watching a butterfly reaching its peak of beauty when it feels ready. With you, Chris, all my expectations and perspectives have been renovated and I love even more my job and my life. Thank you very much for everything!

      (December 2019) Roman

      "I visited Emma at the beginning of December in her stylish and well-kept apartment in Zurich.

      I was greeted with a cheerful ray. We sat down for a moment and talked about God and the world. Emma turned out to be an intelligent and interested conversation partner. Already during the conversation a sexual tension was noticeable. After taking a shower she unloaded herself into loving, passionate and uninhibited sex. Unfortunately, the two hours were finished too quickly.

      Emma is not a Barbie doll but a curvy "thoroughbred woman" with a wonderful hourglass body and a Latina booty of the extra class - big, round, bulging and with velvety skin. Every time I think of Emma, I get an erection.

      I would especially like to mention that Emma is a wonderful kisser.

      A visit to Emma is more than just sex. She met me with warmth, interest and humour. The sex was outstanding. Being with Emma was an all-round experience. Even now, a few days later, I still carry the positive energy within me with which I left Emma's apartment.

      Who wants fast anonymous sex is wrong with Emma. Who likes skinny Barbie dolls also. If you want to leave everyday life behind you for a while and look for passionate sex, Emma is the place for you".

      Sometimes we match momentarily with wonderful people, because the universe wants it that way. They make us spend unforgettable moments, not only because of the pleasure shared under the sheets, but also because intimacy reaches another level and they open their hearts to you: without complexes and without fears. Roman is a beautiful and fighting soul and radiates kindness.

      *As a curious fact, some forum users are habituated to vulgarity in prose or verse dumped on such platforms, and they not only don't believe in the veracity of this experience, they even think that I wrote it ... xD

      (December 2018) Matthias

      "Thank you for that wonderful stay I could enjoy last night. 馃槏 It was a very special one, also because I felt very welcomed from the very first minute on. 鈽 You're a very attractive and smart woman! I would also loved to hang around even longer and expand the chat we had. Really looking forward to your next stay here! 馃槏 Love to see you again! 馃巹Feliz Navidad 馃巹".

      Young but already a gentleman, handsome, polite and sensual, intested in experienced women. Matthias is a happy and smiling companion who can provides a woman an amazing date impossible to forget. The tiny town of Auw become interesting due to people like him ;)

        (September 2018) Marco

        "Dear Emma,

        I had the chance to visit you a few days ago in Opfikon, and wow!

        You gave me a very warm welcome and were able to make me feel comfortable (which is not that obvious, since it was the first time for me going 鈥渙n a trip鈥 :D). After a friendly chat we started to kiss, and I forgot everything else going on in the world!

        I won鈥檛 go into too much detail about what happened next, but after reaching the bedroom the situation grew so intense! (to an extent that I did not expect, you really knew what I needed in that moment). And there was no instant where I felt like your approach wasn鈥檛 genuine. Thank you for this date.

        It was a pleasure meeting such a beautiful and charming lady, your ability to put me at ease is unrivaled! And your kisses are something I鈥檒l hardly ever forget!

        Take care,


        Gentlemen not wear always white hair. The innocent character that younger men brings to me is like the fresh air when opening the houses' windows. Marco, you were extremely polite when introducing yourself for the very first time, and this was something that makes me feel very interested in meeting you. Someone who is worried about your tastes and who open his heart like you did, deserve to be treated like a King.

        (July 2018) Kermit

        "Review to the world best night with Emma.

        I contacted Emma by Whatsapp and we both looked for the best time to meet. Emma is very friendly and answers quick. She likes to write to her guests before the date, and you feel how she is thinking. She s a really great lady. Not a girl from next door!

        So after hours of work I had a meeting wich was going on and at the end of the day I had time to visit Emma. She also asked for confirmation just two hours before our date. When I was arriving to her, she was standing at the end of the long long aisle entrance to her apartment. And then I met her in live... un-be-lie-va-ble! Lovely dress she weared, no cheap cloathing, and a warm welcome. We kissed each other and my fire was burning. So I took a quick shower and prepared myself: the time of our night started.

        We kissed in a very sensitive, erotical, emotional way. I never felt so deep kisses. Slowly we took us more and more clothes from our bodies. She began to move down on my body and started to let me close my eyes. I was not able to look at all what she did, it was the best I ever was feeling. We had a great time before we went to our next situation. Again slowly with many sensitive moments, we came closer together and at least there where so many stars and lights in our room.... We fell down after a long time and where feeling so well we never was before.

        Emma has a skin wich is so soft like silk... she smells like honey... and her eyes are the nicest I ever saw. Take care on her... she is a really angel".

        If there is something in this life that makes me fall in love is someone who makes me laugh. Kermit is a mix between a Gentleman and a funny sense of humour. His way of looking is deep, warm and sensual, overexciting to any kind woman on Earth.

          (October 2017) Arc`teryx

          "A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of Emma. Meanwhile, I was able to experience four dates with her.

          Everything that makes a dream woman embodies Emma perfectly. She is cosmopolitan, very educated, charming, funny and is mercilessly sexy, also gives her the feeling of being her king.

          The hours with her belong to the most beautiful thing I could experience. Your kisses are sweet like honey, your tenderness is unmatched, your smile is disarming, your body is not of this world.

          It is a great honor and joy for me to know such a great woman as Emma. I hope to spend as many hours as I can with her".

          Finding a sensitive, polite, generous and pleasant Gentleman is every woman's dream. His caresses and kisses are marvelous, his conversation is always very interesting, and himself is a top 10 man. Mr Arc'teryx, my trips to Switzerland are marvelous if you are a part of them.

          (July 2016) Buffalo

          "I have been wanting to write about Emma and I could not find the time or I did not have the "courage".

          I want to tell you a story, some time ago I had the opportunity to meet her in a "meeting" little different from what I was used to. A friend in common invited me to have a different experience, an experience that I had never considered before, but I had dreamed. From the first moment I knew there was something that made me to be more aware of her than of the rest. The meeting was spectacular and with Emma it was sublime.

          Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting her several times and the experience has exceeded all my expectations.

          She is an exceptional woman: physically -she has a body that makes you want to touch and enjoy it just watching it-; and also she as a person. She makes you feel good, she has a close behaviour. You will enjoy every moment you spend with her.

          I do not want to go into details, because everyone enjoys their own way, but what you can be sure that with Emma you will have a "different" experience. I will always be a little in debt to her, she has made me to have sensations that I would hardly have had. She is a BEAUTIFUL LADY.

          Bufff!!! what can I say...".

          Every date we spend together I am more aware of how great you make me feel. You are a gentleman, sweetly shy, respectful, concerned to please... You are sweet, Buffalo! Thanks for your sincere smiles.

          (February 2016) Mr C

          "Emma is simply world-class. From the moment she walked in the door, I knew she was special. She's naturally very attractive and has a ready smile and twinkle in her eye that is completely bewitching. She also has a drop-dead gorgeous figure - those who admire voluptuous, healthy, fit bodies will find her close to perfection - but she also has a beautiful talent for putting you at your ease instantly, making you feel good about yourself, making all the worries melt away. And she kisses with a passion that has to be tasted to be believed. Genuinely - she's an incredible kisser.

          But don't be fooled, she has an amazing sexual appetite, is entirely adventurous and frankly left me exhausted (I'm saying it was the jet-lag, but really, Emma delights in sex and takes you until you're totally spent...before delighting you with those lustful kisses once more...)

          What. A. Woman. Emma - till the next time!!"

          Thank you so much, Mr C, for your delighted character, lovely words and superb date at your fantastic suite. The lucky person here is me, not you! Wishing to meet you again, at any place of the world! ;)

          (Januery 2016) Chris de la ma帽ana

          "We had ever talked trough Whatsapp and suddenly one day I read that she was going to the capital (Madrid). I looked at my calendar and... eureka! I was off the weekend.

          We were chatting more often to specify what we liked and what not. She is absolutely charming and very nice.

          I asked her for notwearing makeup (I love seeing a natural face) or high heels (I am not very tall).

          She rented a very nice apartment. Although I realized a little bit later of entering it.

          If I think of the figure of "my ideal woman", I just have to remember hers. Nice dress and sexy underwear that I saw later.

          Generous breasts, hips of infarction and a rear that removes the sense. Beautiful face and marvelous, fleshy lips that I devoured a thousand times. Or she devoured me. I think she likes to kiss almost as much as me. I helped her with the dress and we went to enjoy together one of the most wonderful showers I've had.

          In addition to her gift of kissing very well, she also uses his lips with mastery in French art. Then I asked her to make the magic number, and I relized that Emma is made to eat her from the top to the bottom, from the left to the right and in any other way. Really delicious.

          After that... if I could know it before, I would have eaten double. Or triple.

          Insatiable. Tireless.

          Cum Laude in anal art.

          Teacher in conducting yourself to Olympus.

          You are warned. "

          Chris, millions of thanks for everything, for your complicity, for your details, and specially for your attention.

          (January 2015) Pyron


          Age of the client: Thirty and a few.

          Did you say to her you are a SMB forum user? Yes

          With your nick? No, but now she will know it hahahahaha


          "Artistic" name: Emma Dating

          Nationality: (or probable origin) Canary Islands.

          Age: (apparent and / or announced) 32 years.

          Fake or retouched photos ?: Real photos without any retouching.

          Face description: Really beautiful. Long hair and large, bright and very expressive eyes. Mouth and lips so kissable!

          Description of Body: As you can see in the photos, she is a tall but very well proportioned girl. As she says in her website, everything is natural .. and incredible.

          Character Description: Friendly and very sociable, we connect very fast.

          Clothing: She weared a bussiness dress code, as I asked, so she was perfect to me.

          Smoker: I do not know.


          Phone: +34 610818180


          Address: Where you choose

          Hours: 24 hours, if you notify in advance.


          Luxtal, tantra room.

          Everything was very good but excessive hot in the room, we sweated a lot.

          Overall rating: 7.


          Date of the experience: beginning of December.

          Contracted rate: 鈧 300 1 h.

          Other rates offered: check your website or thread

          Actual duration of service: time and something else

          Kisses / morreos? Kiss of vice, is incredibly besucona.

          French / deep throat? (without / with protection) Without and very good, the tube to stop a bit so as not to finish in 2 minutes. Good GP

          Cunnilingus? It is perfectly shaved and it is a pleasure to eat it.

          Black kiss? It did not happen

          Anal sex? Yes, he loves it and you can tell he enjoyed it.

          Let it end in your mouth / face? In the mouth, no. In the face I do not know I know, I do not remember where I ended up, it will be necessary to repeat in order to fill this: P

          Brief of the meeting:

          After spending a few days exchanging emails and then whatsapp in the end I decided to stay with her, for her friendliness and an incredibly cordial and gentle treatment.

          Specified to be in Luxtal and told me how to access it and bothered to call when the usual entry site was closed.

          When I arrived a little before the reserved time, I waited in a small room next to the counter, Emma arrived at the agreed time and went directly to the room. Once I made the payment, I went to the room to find my gift ...

          Emma came as I had asked and I loved it, it took me a while to start kissing her and enjoying all of her. We showered in the jacuzzi and started the games, with an incredible French on their part. Then I corresponded a while and we went to bed for more. After being almost 20 min fucking I decided to try their Greek and it is amazing. We had such a good time and at the end of the day I ended up with a manual while he kissed me all the time.

          It has been a very good experience and I hope to repeat it again.

          We said goodbye with two kisses when leaving the parking lot and wishing to see her again every day that passes more.

          Evaluation of the implication:

          Excellent. I can not say much more, we have connected a lot and it has been incredible.

          Final assessment:

          Emma is a girl who knows how to treat you, both for education and cordiality, but what stands out most is their sympathy and joy. Immediately you get infected and it makes you feel very comfortable with her, as if she were a friend with the right to touch. In the sexual field it is a bomb, and there is little to say I had a great time and the time flew by.

          The best:

          It is a great girl, what is often said a charm. And in the sexual part the encounter has been magnificent. I will repeat safely when I can.


          Not being a millionaire to see her every day."

          Gracias Pyron por tu caballerosidad dentro y fuera de las s谩banas. Estoy deseando verte de nuevo.