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Contact me

I am not available every day, it depends on the week. I do this job because I love it, not because I need to, so it has to fit in with my 'other' life. For that reason I ask you to kindly contact me with as much advance notice as possible please. I like to know a little bit more about the person whose company I will have the pleasure to meet. A lady also needs sufficient time to prepare herself for a hot date/romantic encounter!  Each service is special, every client has different needs and desires, so I like to plan and prepare for our time together, to make it as special as possible for you.

My phone number is next, but if I do not answer (I probably will not do it if I 'm outside home), contact me by Whatsapp (only to inquire about availability, any additional information or to make an appointment) or e-mail please. I do not like wasting my time with conversations that do not lead anywhere. Why? Because what I sell is precisely my time.

Oh! I almost forgot! Do not call me through a private/hidden number, I will never make an appointment -I don't even answer the call- if you don't show me your telephone number :)

🇪🇸   + 34 610 81 81 80

🇨🇭  + 41 764 09 44 22